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When you promote Affiliate Profit Masterclass, you'll get astonishing conversions, incredible EPCs and low refunds.

"Affiliate Profit Masterclass" is the results of years of work and a lot of testing, so you can promote with confidence knowing that what I sell CONVERTS! Period.
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Dear Affiliate,

The Affiliate Profit Masterclass is a high converting product that is taking over the market by storm. It will help you earn more income than you may have realized is possible through an affiliate opportunity.

In fact, 50% of every sale is yours for the taking! All you have to do to get started is enter your Zaxaa account number and hit the "submit" button to take advantage of a complete collection of affiliate tools.

If you don't have a Zaxaa account, you can set one up for free at Zaxaa.com and get started right away. After you submit your Zaxaa account number, the page will refresh and you will see all the affiliate tools you'll need to start making money today. Simply copy and paste them and add them to emails, your blog or social media networks. It's THAT easy!

Affiliate Profit Masterclass Sales Funnel Flow

Potential Earnings per Customer:


Affiliate Profit Masterclass Conversion & EPC Booster

When you promote Affiliate Profit Masterclass, you can be sure that we will make everything to turn any visitor into $.

We all know a vast majority will not take action immediately. But here what happens when people do not take action:

  • When someone reaches the sales page (video or text based), we drop a retargeting pixel, so that if they leave the page without buying, we will then start a Facebook retargeting campaign. This Retargeting campaign will follow them whenever they log into their Facebook account and will drive them back to the video sales letter and to the free webinar registration page
  • When someone starts the checkout process but abandon it, we then initiate a cart abandonment recovery process and we send them reminders after 30 minutes, 2 hours and a few hours later.
  • If they don't re-join, we then follow-up sending them a link to the free webinar registration page
  • The whole process will bring back many people in the loop and we can expect up to 35% in conversion rate increase with such a process.

We expect to boost conversions and EPC by up to:

To Your Success,
JP Schoeffel