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From: JP Schoeffel
Subject: Read This If You’re Eager to Finally Generate Money Online

Dear Friend,

There’s nothing worse than purchasing dozens of IM products just to find that NONE of them work.

You set your expectations sky-high when you think that you’ve downloaded “the magic bullet”... Later on, when you try everything, you see that nothing works as advertised.

Don’t be ashamed. In the past, it happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. Let me tell you this - Your search is finally over. The odds that have been stacked against you are going to change in YOUR favor.

Today, I will do something that most of the “Internet Marketing Gurus” will never do. I will show you a proven method that will allow you to generate thousands of dollars per month.

“Keep Reading This Important Message Because Once You Reach the Bottom OF This Page, Your Life Will Never Be the Same – And This Is NO Joke.”

Perhaps you’re feeling skeptical.

After all, it’s not the first time that you’ve heard exaggerated and BOLD claims proposing some “push-button” riches.

Unscrupulous “merchant of dreams” sell systems that revolve around loopholes and they play with your current economic situation.

They lure you into purchasing products that sound really good in theory, but the truth is that they will never work.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I need to make sure that you will stop buying into this non-sense once and for all.

You and I know that there are millions upon millions of dollars made through Affiliate Marketing.

Unfortunately, more often than not, those who want to start making money through affiliate marketing don’t have the right tools, and strategies. They usually end up burned. They do not get the results that they want and they just keep running around in circles.

But let me ask you a question...

What if I told you that all your struggles about Affiliate Marketing are going to end as soon as you get access to the exact blueprint that can make you $100+ per day?

Yes, believe it or not... that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

I know that you’re eager to start seeing commissions rolling into your account as soon as possible. And with my help you’ll achieve that.

You’re probably asking yourself who I am and how I can help you, right?
Hi, I'm JP Schoeffel
and I've been an online
entrepreneur for
over 10 years now.

During this time, I have not only built companies regarding marketing, publishing, and software development, I've also been helping tens of thousands of new internet marketers, such as yourself, make their first money online.

I've been involved in several six-figure launches and I'm regarded as one of the top super affiliates in this field.

I'm not telling you this to brag but to impress upon you that what I teach, I teach directly from experience that's been proven to work... NOT just theory...

And that what I'm about to tell you has been battle-tested and I've applied it myself successfully either on my own business, my students or the many startup companies I've coached through the years.

Listen, I truly believe that the only way to generate massive profits with Affiliate Marketing is by combining it with Email Marketing.

This explosive combination allowed me to generate hundreds per day very easily, without killing myself with SEO, writing stupid articles or spending endless hours in front of my laptop.


Now, don’t get me wrong…


I’m not here to brag about how much money I make. Instead I’m here to show you the exact system that I use in my affiliate business.

You see, over the last months I’ve worked tirelessly on a new Affiliate Marketing program.

In this unique and revolutionary program, I reveal closely-guarded secret techniques and methods, the same ones that I personally use. These are PROVEN methods.

I Already Tested Them and They Are Generating Money For Me!

I’m sure that you’re itching to discover how you can get your hands
into my unique system that has the potential to generate over
$3,100 per month... that’s about $100 per day!

Here's What Others Are Saying

I hardly write testimonials these days but I felt it's only *right* to give credit where credit's due... and I've to say JP Schoeffel is someone whom I call an "undiscovered" underground SUPER AFFILIATE!

The reason I say that's because JP's not your typical "guru" who goes after the limelight. Instead, he's too busy making a killing with affiliate marketing and teaching his secret methods to students lucky enough to learn from him.

You'll be in good hands learning from JP. In fact, you'll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!

Ewen Chia

#1 International Bestselling Author

JP is a stand up man and he really cares about his business and who he works with. He's truly one of the top affiliates and internet marketers out there.

Whenever JP talks... I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a smaller list than most gurus out there.

So if you have the chance to learn from JP about affiliate marketing, know that you're learning from one of the top affiliates out there and what he teaches comes straight from the trenches.

I know first-hand as he's sold many of my products and he always comes out on top!




Affiliate Profit Masterclass

Secret Underground Tactics for Non-Stop Affiliate Profits

Affiliate Profit Masterclass is an out-of-the-box, effective affiliate marketing program that contains the secret money-making methods that I personally use in my business. I reveal, in a step-by-step fashion, how you can start making your first commissions in almost no time at all.

This is what you're about to discover…
  • 1 How to select red-hot niches full of rabid buyers with credit card in hand ready to buy from you – It's no secret that to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you need to select the right niche with plenty of buyers. I will take you by the hand and will show you exactly how to do this.
  • 2The secrets behind effective keyword research – Keywords are of extreme importance. I will be dissecting the perfect keywords, the ones that can make you money naturally.
  • 3 How to uncover irresistible offers that will "force" your customers to pull out their credit cards – You will discover the three main types of offers that I choose when promoting products for massive paydays. These are my top niches.
  • 4 How to write compelling and conversion-breaking autoresponders based on "Autoresponder Madness" – If you truly want to make the difference and make sales, writing autoresponders is a must. You will be able to craft irresistible and persuasive emails that will generate you TONS of sales.
  • 5 The easiest way to set up your "sales platform" (domain, hosting, autoresponder, etc) – Without your sales platform, you aren't going anywhere. In this section of the program, I will show you everything that you need to create your very own "Sales Platform."
  • 6 The exact steps to follow in order to create high-converting squeeze pages that will suck in subscribers like there's no tomorrow – You're one good squeeze page away from thousands of responsive subscribers. You will discover my secret "sauce" that will allow you to create squeeze pages that will convert like gang busters.
  • 7 How to get high-quality freebies in order to give them away in your squeeze pages – With my out-of-the-box techniques, you'll be able to get freebies (both free and paid) that have high-perceived values. This will undoubtedly pull in more subscribers for you.
  • 8How to integrate the system and set up link tracking – Integrating the system is something that might look very technical and boring at the beginning. With my easy procedure however, you'll get everything right, lightning fast. I will show you how to set up link tracking correctly.
  • 9 Traffic Method #1: Solo Ads – You will learn how to unleash the huge power of solo ads in order to get a tornado of targeted visitors that will be eager to opt-in into your list.
  • 10 Traffic Method #2: Free Safelist Marketing – Did you know there are several FREE websites where you can advertise your squeeze page, 100% free, in order to get MASSIVE exposure?
  • 11 Traffic Method #3: JV Giveaway Events – You will learn everything you need to know about leveraging the power of JV giveaway events to YOUR advantage. Everything's explained from A to Z - how to organize JV giveaway events, how to set prizes, how to get the word out, build buzz, etc.
  • 12 Traffic Method #4: Ad Swaps – This is the number one way to build a responsive list really fast. This effective and widely-used traffic method won't cost you a dime.

And much more!


All My Proven And Tested Affiliate Strategies In One Place

As you can see, you're getting EVERYTHING there is to know about making $100 a day through affiliate marketing from – straight from me, a 6 figure affiliate marketer who's been "in the field", tweaking, testing, and profiting from these strategies day in and day out...

...and you can use them even if you have no experience, even if you have low funds, and even if you've never made a cent online before.

You're getting over 3 hours of high-quality video training instantly available online after your purchase where I go in-depth over ALL of my secret methods to bring in the cash in a step by step fashion. On top of the videos we'll also provide transcripts in case you prefer to read. You'll also have access to the audio (to listen as you drive or workout), as well as the transcript if you prefer reading.


The best part is Affiliate Profit Masterclass has way more information and actionable steps than other lackluster products out there... yet it's being released for a fraction of the price of these other "theory" products. But only for a limited time. Here's exactly what you get when you join Affiliate Profit Masterclass…

Module 1: The Base For Your Affiliate Profit Machine

  • Selecting A Niche That Guarantees Success
  • How To Avoid Selecting A Niche Where People Have A Hard Time Parting With Their Cash
  • Identify The Exact Keywords People Spend Money On And Learn How To Monetize Them
  • How To Select Affiliate Products With The Highest Conversion Rates
  • How To Select And Register A Domain Name And Hosting
  • How To Setup Your Autoresponder System
  • And Much More.

Module 2: Setting Up The Profit Masterclass System

  • My Simple Formula For Writing Emails That Are As Addictive As Your Fa-vorite TV Show
  • How To Find And Prepare A 'Bait' For Your Squeeze Page That Pulls In More Leads
  • My Squeeze Pages Formula That I Used To Pull In 100,000+ Leads To My List In A Short Period Of Time
  • How To Add A Self-Liquidating Offer That Can Literally Absorb All Advertis-ing Costs
  • How To Use Our APM System To Break Even On Advertising Before Even Sending Your First Autoresponder Email
  • And Much More.

Module 3: Driving Massive Traffic. Fast!

  • How To Tap Into The Perfect Source For Quality Solo Ad Traffic
  • How To Use Safe Swaps To Get Quality Traffic Without Spending A Dime
  • How Organizing Inexpensive JV Giveaway Events Can Get You More Traffic Than Your Server Can Handle
  • And Much More.

Module 4: APM Blueprint For Fast Profits

  • How To Use Our APM Blueprint To Start Making Money Right Away
  • The Exact Methods Of How We Setup Our Affiliate Campaigns
  • Walkthrough Of Our APM Promotional Tools And How To Use Our Tools To Start Promoting Immediately
  • And Much More

I’m handing you the real blueprint that you’ve been desperately looking for.

I mean, NOW you already have the right tools and guidance that will put you miles away from other struggling Internet Marketers.

Trust me... I generate thousands of dollars per month with Affiliate and Email Marketing. And all the right steps to achieve this are contained in the “Affiliate Profit Masterclass” blueprint.

“You Can Finally Make The Kind Of Money That Will Change Your Life.”

How would it feel to know that you’re using the precise and effective money-generating system that you can utilize for your online business?

This is the opportunity you’re looking for and making hundreds of dollars per day can now be a reality for you.


More Praises From A Successful
Internet Marketer

I'm not one to endorse people but when it comes to JP I have to make an exception.

JP manages to outperform other marketers with bigger lists than his and lands on the top charts of affiliate competitions almost at will... especially for my MME4 launch where he was once again one of the top affiliates.

It's no wonder JP pulls this off (which most affiliates can't do – even with bigger lists) since he's been doing this for a long time. He's developed super affiliate tactics that allow him to do so. When JP signs up as an affiliate, I know for a fact I'll sell lots of products!

OK JP, But How Much Will It Cost Me To Access This Amazing Video Course?

I know you might thin you would need to invest $497 to access this training. Since it's based on our last 10 years of intense affiliate marketing activities, it would be well worth it for sure. Had I known 10 years ago what I am teaching in this course, I am pretty sure, I would have made 150 to 250% more in commissions than what I did...

It took me a lot of trials and errors to get there. And that's why I want to share everything I know with you so that you cut the learning curve and don't make the same costly mistakes I made. That alone is priceless!

But I am not like that. I want as many as possible to learn Affiliate Marketing the right way. I could charge $297 and even $497 and I know I would get a lot of people jumping on it. But this is not what I want!

So I've decided to let this course go for $97 Only when we officially open the doors to the public.

$97 to access this knowledge is really fair.

But since we're just opening the doors, I've decided to offer early adopters a big discount!

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  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Fast Action Bonus: Exclusive VIP Webinar (Worth $497)

We Have Added An Extra VIP Webinar Session With JP To This Already Amazing Training: "How To Become An Affiliate Mogul With Zero Effort". Inside this advanced Webinar, you'll learn things no one has ever shared, such as:

  • Crucial mistakes to avoid that most marketers don’t even know about
  • The finer details about pursuing sales of affiliate products to increase your wealth
  • Critical mistakes to avoid so you don’t ruin your good image.
  • Insider tips you won’t find anywhere else.
  • An opportunity for you that has never, ever been shared before.
Perhaps You’re Still Riding The Fence…

So In Order To Put Your Mind At Ease, I Will Throw In A
30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

I’m sure that if you’re reading up to this point, you’re clearly interested in Affiliate Profit Masterclass... and that’s a good thing.

However, if you’re still feeling a bit skeptical, let me prove that my program is right for you, and that it can make you a lot of money. I will offer something that will put your mind at ease.

I’m talking about throwing in a 30-day money-back guarantee that will allow you to try “Affiliate Profit Masterclass” and see if it’s for you. Go ahead and get access to the members’ area.

Take your time and put all of the information that I present into action. You have 30 days or one full month to make your first commission. In the unlikely event that you don’t turn a profit, or you’re not satisfied with all the out-of-the-box, profit- generating information that I have for you…


Just let me know and I’ll refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
You definitely have nothing to lose but everything to gain!


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Here comes the bad news…

The paltry price of $47 won’t last forever.

You see, I’m conducting a marketing experiment and this is the ideal chance for you to grab a system that’s valued in thousands of dollars for only $47.

I will increase the price very soon. This is a no-brainer and you should take action now. Tomorrow may be too late and you might be surprised that the price already increased... meaning, you have to pay much more.

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I will see you on the inside!


PS. Let me make something clear... There’s NO risk for you here. You’re
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PPS. If you act later, you might end up having to pay more as I will
increase the price very soon. So act now. You will never regret it.